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US Army Europe Mobilization Support Centre Brassard

US Army Europe patch on black brassard with direct embroidered in white USAEUR MOBSPTCTR
In used condition no rips or tears

Code: 51361

30.00 GBP

Embarkation Staff Officer

Black lettering on white cotton armband press stud fasteners to rear some missing and rust stains to rear, has STAFF hand written on front

Code: 51341


WW1 Lord Derby Scheme Armband

WW1 Lord Derby Scheme Armband, missing one button to rear, little moth on edge, inside ruminants of Issued Under The Authority Of The Army Council Stamp, and a letter J stamp
A khaki armband bearing the Royal Crown was to be provided to all who had enlisted or who had been rejected, as well as to starred and discharged men (but they were no longer issued or worn once compulsion was introduced).

Code: 51226


WW2 Combattant Volontaire AEF Armband

WW2 Combattant Volontaire AEF Armband
An original second war vintage armband, issued to translators and guides of the Allied Expeditionary Force

Code: 51227


Netherlands, Dutch MP Armband / Brassard

Netherlands MP Armband / Brassard Unusual armband, White Dutch MP on Black Silk armband, White letters stained

Code: 51204


Netherlands Military Police Armband / Brassard

Netherlands Military Police Armband / Brassard, White felt MP stitched on to Blue felt armband button fastening and adjustment

Code: 51205

30.00 GBP

British 2nd Medical Brigade Brassard Armband Afghanistan

British 2nd Medical Brigade Brassard Armband Afghanistan
Nice 2nd Medical Brigade Brassard with Union Jack above 2 nd Med TRF above red on white Geneva red cross armband stamped Army Medical Service

Code: 51178


WW2 British Geneva Red Cross Armband Brassard

WW2 British Geneva Red Cross Armband Brassard. Standard issue Geneva Red Cross armband, red cross stitched to white lining armband these are unused stock and are in mint condition, button fastening and adjustment.

Code: 51177

25.00 GBP

WW2 British Geneva Red Cross Armband Brassard

WW2 Geneva Red Cross Armband Brassard. This is a variation on the red on white one armband, the red cross is on a circular white disc on Khaki drab armband button fastening with 3 adjustments, Nice circular Stamp on armband Army Medical Service

Code: 51175


US Military Police 59th Ordnance Brigade Brassard

Nice Olive green brassard with black vinyl MP letters and patch of the 59th Ordnance Bde Velcro adjustment to rear.

The 59th Ordnance Brigade is a military unit of the United States Army. The unit is currently stood up as the U.S. Army Ordnance School's training brigade. In its previous iteration, the brigade had more than 6,500 soldiers. It was responsible for delivering, maintaining and supervising the weapons of mass destruction ("special ammo") for forces of the allied NATO-countries

Code: 50890

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