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French 8th Division


The 8th Motorised Infantry Brigade was absorbed by the 7th Light Armoured Division, creating the 7th Armoured Division in 1963. In 1977, the 7th Armoured Division was dissolved and its component units were used to create a new 7th Armoured Division, a 4th Armoured Division, and the 8th Infantry Division. The new division had its headquarters at Amiens and formed part of III Corps. In 1985 the division consisted of the 8 RI (VAB) (Noyon), the 94 RI (VAB) (Sissonne), the 67 RI (VAB) (Soissons), the 7 RCh (AML) (Arras), the 41 RAMa, the 8 Compagnie de Genie, and the 8 RCS (Amiens).[1]

This division was dissolved in 1993.

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United Arab Emirates UAE Flag Patch

United Arab Emirates UAE Flag Patch removed from uniform

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United Arab Emirates UAE CNIA Patch

United Arab Emirates UAE CNIA Patch removed from uniform

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United Arab Emirates UAE CNIA Patch set

United Arab Emirates UAE CNIA, Critical National Infrastructure Authority Patch set used removed from uniform

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Netherlands patch Suriname

Netherlands patch Suriname, orange on khaki twill

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Swiizerland Pocket Hanger

New Unused leather hanger and metal decal of Swiss national flag

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Switzerland, Luftwaffe (Airforce) Intelligence Service Pair Collars

yellow embroidery on dark blue mint

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Switzerland, Dirver of Forces Postal Service Collar Badge

Yellow embroidery on grey mint

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3rd Terico (Bn) Juan de Austria of The Spanish Legion

Large pin back badge possible breast badge excellent condition

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Spanish Foreign Legion. III Tercio. HQ. badge.

multi coloured enamel badge on leather fob

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